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SADRĀ’I WISDOM is an open access and peer-reviewed bi-quarterly journal dedicated to explore various aspects of Mulla Sadra and his components and pupil’s philosophical thoughts in Tehran, Esfahan and Qom schools.

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    •                   The Thought of the Philosophers of the School of Transcendent Wisdom in the Field of Islamic Philosophy
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Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The Evolutionary Process of Creation from Mulla Sadra's Point of View

Kokab Darabi; Seyyed Morteza Hoseini Shahrudi; عباس جوارشکیان

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 17-30


  Philosophers have offered various interpretations of creation. In the present article, Sadra's interpretation of creation has been considered. It is well-known that creation took place in two arcs of descent and ascent, in which the descent begins from God, and after the order of attributes and names, ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The Distinguish and the Combination in "Research" and "Transcendence Process" In Prove Objectivity of Transcendent-Analysis and Composition of Norman L. Geisler and Allameh Tabatabai Thought

Hossein Khodadadi; Gholamhossein Khedri; Aflatoon Sadeghi; Mahin Razaei

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 1-16


  One of the important issues that has made thinkers in the field of philosophy of religion think and reflect, is the discussion of reality and, in a more scientific sense, the objectivity of the "transcendent". being real; In other words, the transcendent has an truth independent of the mind, which this ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
A Rational Comparative Study of Fulfillment of Creation or Revelationist Approach Concerning the Creation ex Nihilio from the Absence in the View of Aquinas and Mulla Sadra

Seyedeh Nahid Yaghoubiyan; Mahdi Dehbashi; Mohammad Reza Shamshiri

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 31-44


  The question of creation and consequently, the Creation ex nihilo, One of the challenges philosophers and theologians has faced throughout history. The purpose of this study that conduct a descriptive-analytical study, is analyzing, adapting, and examining Aquinas and Mulla Sadra's views on how creation ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The Review on the Required Audience in the Quranic Discourse of Prophet Moses to the Children of Israel based on Mulla Sadra's Anthropology

zahra zakeri; Massoud Fekhri; Ezzat Molla ebrahimi; Gholamabbas Rezaii haftadar

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 45-62


  The context of situation has always been one of the main issues of rhetorical sciences.This issue at hand has four main component that include:required audience,appropriate words,appropriate environment,appropriate speaker.The focus of this research will be on the required audience.The appropriateness ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Critique of the Argument of Divine Hiddenness based on Positive and Negative Rules of Existence in the Transcendental Wisdom of Sadra

Behrouz Asadi

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 63-76


  In his divine hiddenness argument, John Schellenberg argues that God's Intentional negligence to provide convincing evidence has put some of his sincere seekers in a state of reasonable nonbelief. According to Schellenberg, this is violate evidence of the absolute love of God, and further concludes from ...  Read More

Scientific Research
Examining the Concept of “Succession” in the Process of Lawrence Krauss’ theory of Creation and its Criticism based on Thought of Allameh Tabatabai

Hossein Rahmani Tir Kolai; Seyed Mohammad Ali Sajjadian; Mohammad Sadegh Jamshidi Rad; Seyyed Hasan Bathay

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 77-92


  Krauss believes in the spontaneous creation of the world from nothing, and considers the beginning of the world from a Big Bang that is constantly expanding; means infinity of time and space. Therefore, the succession is possible in his opinion. Therefore, he objects to the claim of theologians who prove ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Analyzing the Concept of Value with an Epistemological Approach in the Opinions of Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari

Mohammadhossein Mahdavinejad; Morteza Zare Ganjaroodi

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 93-106


  The field of value has a wide spectrum in the world of humanity and has significant applications and effects in philosophy, religion, economics, social sciences, ethics, psychology and even daily choices. One of the most fundamental issues that Allameh Jafari paid attention to in his philosophical opinions ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Research about the Effect of Catharsis on the Audience of Tragedy, in Relation to Mulla Sandra’s Theory of Substantial Motion

Mohammadmahdi Bahrami; Mohammad Raayat Jahromi

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 107-122


  Every performance, despite the special elements it contains, aims to establish the best kind of communication with its audience and to challenge its different human aspects in a wide range of understanding and experience in the field of watching! The question is, how can this kind of encounter affect ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Investigating the Issue of Death in the Cryogenic Process based on Mulla Sadra's View

Leila Fakher; Rajab Akbarzadeh; Ahmed Hossein Falahi

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 123-132


  Death is a hierarchical process, and it is necessary for groups such as jurists and physicians to clarify its achievable dimensions, define its standards, and apply it. The category of the soul and its relation to the body can be traced back to Mulla Sadra's theory of essential movement. On the other ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Relationship between Altruism and Gender based on the Principles of Sadra Wisdom

Akram Saghi; Mohammadkazem Elmi Sola

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 133-146


  One of the moral characteristics of humans is altruism. Whether or not a relationship can be established between this human trait and gender is a topic that has been investigated in this article. In this regard, after explaining the sexuality of the soul according to the principles of transcendental ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Mollasadra and the Eternity in Torture Affair

Behzad Mohammadi

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 147-158


  M One of the problems which exists in the Resurrection affair, is if torture of the damned is eternal as Quran has applied “eternal life in hell”. We with descriptive analytical research method, discuss this affair philosophically in this writing. The man part of this paper is about Mollasadra's ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The Development of Prophetic Wisdom from Sohrawardi to Mulla Sadra

Tahereh Kamalizadeh

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 159-172


  One of the characteristics of the second period of the history of Islamic philosophy, which began with the emergence of the Illumination wisdom Sohrawardi and continued with the transcendental wisdom of Mullasadra, is the integration of Islamic philosophy with the mysticism of the unity of the Iranian ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Family Rights in the Holy Qur'an with Sadra's Approach

Abolfazl Bourghani Farahani

Volume 12, Issue 23 , January 2024, Pages 173-181


  As it is clear to everyone, the family is a social institution, and its meaning is not always the same in different societies and throughout human life. Social developments have changed. The family is composed of a group of people who are related to each other through blood, marriage, adoption, and live ...  Read More

Critical Study About the Theory of Substantial Motion of Molla Sadra
Volume 1, Issue 1 , June 2012, , Pages 7-22

  Achievements of Mulla Sadra is based on acceptance of reality and Tshkyk there could i fact explain many philosophical and theological problems be effective, but gainst this paper seeks expression, and some questions answers that Mulla Sadra and Transcendent Wisdom fans they have also raised the question ...  Read More

Mind and its Direct Influence in Mulla sadra’s View

Fahime Shariati; Sayyed Morteza Hosaini Shahrudi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , February 2014, , Pages 71-84

  “Mind” has been defined in Mullā Sadrā’s works and has been used widely in his writings. Analyzing uses of the word “Mind” and its direct definition in Mullā Sadrā’s works, we can grasp his idea on the relation between mind and brain, soul, and cognitive faculties. ...  Read More

Mental Existence from Mulla Sadra Perspective
Volume 1, Issue 1 , June 2012, , Pages 33-46

  The issue of mental mode of existence is one of the old frequently discussed topics in Islamic philosophy and theology playing a striking role in the manner of realization and explanation of knowledge. Emphasizing the point that this issue is a novel one in Islamic philosophy, the present article deals ...  Read More

Comparison of The Issue of Journey of Spirit in The Philosophy of Hegel and Substantial Motion in The Philosophy of Mulla Sadra
Volume 1, Issue 1 , June 2012, , Pages 47-60

  Mullah Sadra propelled movement topic in philosophy to field of metaphysic by the discussion of substantial movement. He states that all organisms are moving towards accomplishment, and proves self-abstraction trough this way. Hegel believed that the whole of philosophy history is the process of the ...  Read More

The Six-day Creation and the Theory of the Substantial Motion

Zahra Mustafavi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , September 2013, , Pages 91-98

  It is alleged by several Quranic verses that the universe has been created by God in six days. In the exegeses of these verses, there are a number of different opinions about the meaning of “Six Days” and there are different explanations of the gradual creation of the universe and its inconsistency ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Material body from the point of view of transcendent wisdom

somayeh vasei; abbas javarashkian; Sayyed mortaza Hosseini shahrudi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 06 November 2021


  Knowing the truth of the material body in transcendent wisdom requires knowing the soul and consequently leading to the knowledge of the soul; But despite its importance, it has been dealt with sporadically and briefly in the works of philosophers. The present article seeks to examine in detail the truth ...  Read More

Scientific Research
The place of " non-conditioned existence" in Mulla Sadra's philosophy (with emphasis on the three levels of existence)

javad azimi dastgerdi; Ali Arshad Riahi

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 11 September 2022


  On the one hand, "The truth of existence" in transcendent wisdom is the title on which Mulla Sadra relies in important philosophical problems. He makes special rules such as primacy, unity and modulation for this title. On the other hand, He enumerates only three types of existence: the existence of ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The role of the body in the formation of action (with emphasis on Mulla Sadra's view)
Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 10 September 2023


  The philosophical discussion of human action is one of the most important contemporary philosophical topics. Various issues are raised in this issue. One of the issues that has been neglected in the philosophy of action, despite its importance, is the issue of the relationship between action and the ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Solving the Meaningless Problem of Life from the Viewpoint of Neo- Sadraians Based on Javadi Amoli's Views

Ehsan Samsami; Jalal Peykani; Meysam Akbarzadeh; Mikaeil Jamapour

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 January 2024


  Monotheism is the key to solving the meaningless problem of contemporary human life. The ratio of belief in God and the meaning of life is the same as the ratio of the sun and sunlight, in the sense that the meaning of contemporary human life is moment-by-moment dependent on God. Javadi Amoli's view ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Philosophical analysis of the truth of science and agreement with the narrative "induction of science in the heart"

Ramin golmakani; gholam ali moqadam; rasool padashpoor; Mohammad Mahdi Salami

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 May 2024


  Undoubtedly, in addition to being responsible for guidance, the teachings of Sharia are also discoverers of reality, and sometimes the ultimate achievements of human science are reflected in the most subtle expressions of Sharia. Therefore, different schools and sometimes opposing viewpoints claim to ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
The Tawatur in Mystical Experiences; Formulation and Challenges

Ahmad Ebrahimzadeh; Mohammad Mahdi Gorjian

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 June 2024


  One proposed solution to address the validity of mystical experiences for non-mystics is to emphasize their frequency (tawatur). This approach suggests that certain mystical claims can be considered valid due to multiple reports from different mystics. This solution, which has been considered in Mulla ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Motion in immaterial; obstacles and evidence

Reza Haghighi Karizak; Mohsen Mahdipour; Sayyed Mortaza Hosseini Shahrudi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 June 2024


  Most of non-Sadra'i and even Sadra'i philosophers believe in immobility of non-material and deny movement in this kind of creatures. Because of some new points of view which attribute immobility of immaterial to Mulla Sadra, this article wants to gain his final opinion via reviewing the reasons ...  Read More

Scientific Research falsafe molasadra
Rereading Mulla Sadra anthropology based on theology and epistemology in Transcendent wisdom

Mohammad Saeedimehr; sadroddin tahery

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 June 2024


  The transcendent wisdom of Sadra It is a Comprehensive philosophical system That is a reasonable and coherent connection It establishes between three issues: theology, anthropology and epistemology, so that understanding is impossible without any other and the same continuity between these three concepts ...  Read More

Scientific Research
Understanding or confrontation between Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra on the issue of the emergence of the human soul

mohammadjavad rashid; mohammad zabihi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 June 2024


  The upcoming research is about the occurrence of the human ego; Is the human soul old or an accident? Is the accident spiritual or physical? Opinions surrounding it are different and sometimes conflicting, and Ibn Sina's and Mulla Sadra's views have provoked long-term controversies from the ...  Read More


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